Here are the stocks the top-performing hedge funds are buying

Key Points
  • CNBC PRO asked, a top hedge fund tracking firm, for a ranking of the best stock-picking managers and what names they are buying.
  • The top-performing hedge funds bought shares in Alibaba and Sprouts Farmers Market in the March quarter.
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Well-known hedge fund managers such as David Tepper and Dan Loeb get much of the attention, but there are under-the-radar rising stars that are performing even better and beating the market.

Who are these top stock pickers and what stocks are they buying?

We used, a top hedge fund tracking firm, to find the best under-the-radar managers and which stocks they recently bought according to filings.

Four times a year, hedge funds file their long positions with the SEC and the information is released to the public 45 days after each quarter ends.

With the recently released March quarter filing data, graded the stock-picking ability of more than 1,000 hedge funds in its database with a proprietary indicator called StockAlpha. It is derived by comparing the performance of equities in the fund to that of a sector ETF.

Here are the top 10 stock-picking hedge funds measured by StockAlpha, many of them run by managers you've likely never heard of.

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