Sustainable Energy

Tetra Pak announces big boost in renewable electricity use

Jemal Countess | Getty Images

Packaging giant Tetra Pak now uses renewable electricity for over one third of its total yearly consumption, up from 22 percent in 2015.

In an announcement on Monday, the business said that a crucial part of the increase had been down to the purchase of International Renewable Energy Certificates, or I-RECs, for production facilities in China.

Tetra Pak is also part of the RE100, an initiative made up of some of the planet's biggest businesses, all committed to renewable power.

"We joined the RE100 last year as a part of our commitment to tackle climate change, pledging to use 100 percent renewable electricity across all our operations by 2030," Charles Brand, Tetra Pak's executive vice president of product management and commercial operations, said in a statement.

"This move in China, where we have the largest production footprint, is a solid step forward as we stride towards that goal," Brand added.

Tetra Pak added that it was purchasing 100 percent renewable electricity for facilities across Sweden, which includes 60 gigawatt hours per year of Swedish wind power.