Trump calls his meeting with Russia 'very successful'


President Donald Trump on Tuesday defended his conduct in last week's meeting with top Russian officials, calling it "very successful."

Speaking with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a White House visit, Trump said the United States wants to get as many partners as possible involved in the fight against the terror group ISIS.

Trump reportedly shared highly classified information with top Russian officials during a closed-door meeting last week, according to The Washington Post and others. Trump tweeted Tuesday that he did give the Russians information for counterterrorism purposes, noting that he has the "absolute right" to do so. The president neither confirmed nor denied whether the information he revealed was classified.

National security advisor H.R. McMaster said Tuesday that Trump's talks with Russian diplomats were "wholly appropriate." Like Trump, McMaster did not confirm or deny whether the information he shared was classified.

McMaster contended that Trump did nothing to compromise national security. He added that Trump was not briefed on the source of the information and reiterated that the president did not reveal any sources or methods for gathering it. The Washington Post did not report that Trump revealed sources.