Typenex® Medical Acquires BASS Med’s Technology and Intellectual Property Rights

CHICAGO, May 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Typenex Medical, an industry leader in medical devices and supplies, today announced it has acquired technology and intellectual property rights from BASS Med, and is relaunching the patented BASS® Suction Mat. The BASS Suction Mat has an enhanced safety benefit for operating room (O.R.) staff, and helps reduce risks associated with surgical fluids on the operating room floor, which can lead to slips and falls. The acquisition allows the company to make much-needed supply-chain improvements and ensure these best-in-class surgery solution products are more readily available to hospitals.

“We are excited to acquire this technology and relaunch an improved BASS Mat,” said John Fife, owner, and chief executive officer (CEO), Typenex Medical. “Julie Ryan, who was one of the original inventors, was instrumental in developing a revolutionary floor fluid management solution. We are eager to continue her vision, and deliver the product line with the proper funding and supply-chain expertise to aid our customers in solving their floor-fluid management needs.”

The BASS Suction Mat, which measures 5 feet by 3 and 1/2 feet, offers 18 square feet of coverage – enough to accommodate the surgeon, scrub nurse and tech all at once – while remaining low profile. This is the largest mainstream absorbent floor mat with suction available in the market, and it helps keep facilities compliant with OSHA safety regulations while minimizing disruption to the surgical field. The mat lays flat on the floor to catch surgical irrigation fluids, which can puddle, pool, and seep in the O.R., causing disruption to clinical workflows. The larger area allows maximum absorption coverage and the suction channel effectively captures and removes fluid, keeping the operating room floor safe and dry. An additional benefit is streamlined cleanup and faster turnover process for the surgical staff, which also can lead to greater surgery suite scheduling efficiencies.

Typenex Medical, a leading blood bank and laboratory supplier, expanded into the surgical-supplies segment in June of 2015. Since then, Typenex has launched 8 product lines for the surgical suite, and gained considerable market share in those categories.

“Solutions in the floor-fluid management category vary from suction discs, mats, linens, mops, and everything in between. The addition of this mat will complement our other formidable products, and solidify our industry-leading position by giving us the most complete product offering in this market,” said Fife.

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