Aston Martin's future car will 3-D scan your body for the driver's seat

Aston Martin's future car 3-D scans your body to customize the driver's seat

Imagine a Formula One style performance car pulling up next to you at a red light and you have the vision behind Aston Martin's next ambitious project.

"Valkyrie", due in 2019, is a collaboration between Aston Martin and Red Bull and will be made custom for its owner. For one, the driver seat will be made using a 3-D scan of the body, which adds a bit of pressure to the owner to keep his or her figure.

"It's a road car, but we're talking about an extreme performance car," said Patrik Nilsson, Aston Martin's Asia Pacific President.

Aston Martin Valkyrie, due in 2019, is a collaboration between Aston Martin and Red Bull

"We're not focused on maximum top speed. We are focused on how dynamic the car is," Nilsson said. "Much like in Formula One, the winning car is the one that breaks the quickest, goes around the corner the quickest, and accelerates the quickest. Not necessarily the one with top speed."

The project is part of Aston Martin's long-term plan to continue to grow the company through engineering special models, of which the company aims to create two per year.

"We always see the interest for special models is very high," Nilsson said. "They're all cherished and collectables, so it's an integral part of the plan."

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