Uber’s New York general manager is leaving to join Tusk Ventures

Josh Mohrer, the general manager of Uber's New York operations, is leaving the company after five years. Mohrer will be joining Tusk Ventures — founded and run by investor and political operative Bradley Tusk.

It's not an entirely unusual move for Mohrer. Tusk has been a close ally and advisor to the ride-hail company and aided in its fight against New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's proposal to limit the number of new vehicles on the platform in 2015.

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It is, however, a tumultuous time to leave the company. In addition to its many recent scandals and executive departures, Uber announced that it had underpaid thousands of its New York drivers for about two years. New York is also the company's largest market in the U.S.

Mohrer will be replaced by Sarfarz Maredia who had his start at the company as the general manager of Houston, Texas. Maredia will oversee New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania in addition to New York.

By Johana Bhuiyan, Recode.net.

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