Watch: The creator of Android Andy Rubin speaks at Code Conference

Key Points
  • Andy Rubin is known as the father of Android
  • He introduced a new "Essential" smartphone earlier on Tuesday.
  • He'll likely chat about his firm Playground Global, too.

Andy Rubin, often referred to as the father of Android, is speaking live at Recode's annual Code Conference at 9 p.m., ET.

Rubin unveiled his new smartphone and smart home accessory this morning and will likely talk about both products, as well as the future of his new company "Essential." It's likely he'll also chat about Playground Global, his VC firm and incubator.

Rubin should show off both of his new products and also provide some background on them. The release date of his new Essential smartphone is still unknown, for example, and Rubin might discuss his strategy for selling an $700 unlocked smartphone in the U.S., and whether or not he plans to add any carrier partners.