Shark Tank

Mark Cuban's magic touch turned college grads' coffee startup into a multimillion-dollar business

How did Samantha Meis and Connor Riley go from coffee-loving college kids to entrepreneurs raking in millions in sales? Well, a little guidance from Shark Tank's Mark Cuban always seems to do the trick!

Meis and Riley pitched their subscription based coffee company MistoBox to Cuban in season four of Shark Tank, but it turns out that was the easy part. Cuban's influence helped put the company directly in the spotlight, but most importantly revealed a major flaw in its service: customers couldn't choose their own coffee. So Cuban issued some stern advice to the young duo: Modify MistoBox or it will fail.

And they listened! The company's since readjusted its model to offer customers lower price points and added the crucial ability to personalize coffee selections. Now, Meis says "growth is through the roof!"

Not bad for a couple of overachieving millennials.