This guy traveled more than 5,000 miles to Apple's WWDC to find a co-founder for his company

  • Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference draws people from around the world.
  • One example is Andrew Morris, who traveled from London to San Jose, California, to find a technical co-founder for a company to create a new social networking app.

Andrew Morris needs a technical co-founder for his new app.

So the 26-year-old traveled all the way from London to San Jose, California for Apple's annual developers conference with a handmade sign. Because good talent is hard to find.

"CTO-co-founder wanted," the sign reads. "Ask me."

Morris traveled thousands of miles because there's a shortage of developer conferences in his hometown, he told CNBC. At least, nothing on par with WWDC, where a record 6,000 developers have congregated. "Finding the right co-founder is hard," he said.

Morris is hoping for an extra pair of hands to help him build a social network for people to meet up for activities, like tennis or museum-going. He says he doesn't want to build another version of Tinder used only for hook-ups.

Many of the developers at Apple's WWDC are using social networking sites like LinkedIn to find each other and connect in the increasing war for talent. But Morris is hoping he'll have an edge with his old-fashioned approach. In addition to his sign, he's also got a clipboard to record the names and numbers of any interested parties.

He's already gotten a few names but hasn't yet met his match.

One of the first developers who expressed interest in being his co-CTO was also from London.

"I came all the way out here," Morris said, not amused by the turn of events. "But if this is what it takes, so be it."