The top 10 things young people waste money on

Here's where Americans say they waste the most money

It's easy to point out a few useless things on which people continue to waste money.

Even the most budget-conscious can fall into the trap of unnecessary spending, whether it's on groceries that go uneaten, leaving the A/C on when no one's home or forgetting to return that ill-fitting shirt on time.

Professional resources site Hloom surveyed 2,000 Americans to compile its report on the United States of Financial Waste, which takes a look at how people in the U.S. squander their hard-earned dollars.

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Hloom's findings analyzed how millennials' wasteful financial habits compare to those of older generations. While only 15 percent of millennials consider themselves non-wasteful, 19 percent of Gen X-ers and 30 percent of Baby Boomers do.

Additionally, what each generation chooses to overspend on differs. For millennials, 26.5 percent say they waste money on entertainment and 17 percent say they do on cars and gas. Both Boomers and Gen Xers say they waste money on cable — 27.4 percent and 25.1 percent, respectively — and cigarettes — 15 percent and 16.9 percent.

The generations do have some similarities: All three put the most unnecessary cash towards dining out, as well as a significant amount toward food that ends up uneaten or expired.

Check out how millennials stack up below:

No matter what generation you're in, there are ways to cut back on mindless spending. To get started, check out how to create a waste-free grocery list and see if you're throwing money away on any of these 13 useless items.

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Here's where Americans say they waste the most money