FACTBOX-Changes in the U.S.-Mexico sugar trade deal

NEW YORK, June 6 (Reuters) - The United States and Mexico on Tuesday agreed on a new deal to allow Mexican sugar access to U.S. markets, although it is not endorsed by the U.S. sugar industry. Below are changes in the terms for the new deal, compared with the previous version.

New deal Old deal Minimum prices 23 cents per lb for raw sugar, 28 22.25 cents per lb

for raw sugar,

cents for refined sugar 26 cents for refined sugar Refined vs. raw sugar 30% refined, 70% raw sugar up to 53% refined,

remainder raw

mix sugar "Polarity" or purity 99.2 degrees or above 99.5 degrees and

above of refined sugar

Refusal rights Mexico now has right of first Previously not

included refusal for any additional U.S. import needs

Raw sugar shipments Must be shipped in bulk, Previously not

included unpackaged, on ocean-going vessels

(Reporting by Chris Prentice; Editing by Lisa Shumaker)