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Amazon executive says he's open to Siri on Amazon Echo

Siri isn't ready for prime time as Alexa has been in the home: Stern

's head of products says he'd allow other voice assistants, such as 's Siri or Assistant, on the Amazon Echo.

The Echo currently only runs Alexa, Amazon's smart voice assistant. David Limp, Amazon's senior vice president of devices, said he's open to talking with Apple, Google or other firms about loading up other voice assistants, too.

"We're open to that," Limp said, according to CNET. "If Apple or Google want to come call, my phone number is out there. They can call. I hope there is a day when that happens. I don't know if I can envision it, but I hope it happens, on behalf of customers."

His comments came in the wake of the HomePod announcement — Apple's Echo competitor — during Apple's developer conference on Monday.

The HomePod is powered by Siri and allows users to play music, check the weather and more, but starts at $349. Apple says the added cost is for the more premium speaker experience it offers over the Amazon Echo, which costs $179.

Apple doesn't typically integrate its services with other products, so the odds are slim that Tim Cook ever gives Limp a ring. On the other hand, Google and Microsoft do work with third parties.

The Google Assistant is built into smartphones and smartwatches built by its partners, for example. Microsoft is also teaming up with firms such as Harmon Kardon on speakers that run its Cortana assistant. Maybe Alexa will have some company soon.

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