This banking chief is worried about the risk of 'damage' to young millennials


With a reputation for being lazy, complacent and social media-obsessed, millennials can't really catch a break.

But Bill Winters, regarded as one of the best bankers of his generation, disagrees.

"I think the pressure on young people, whether it's in the student phase or the earlier phase is absolutely phenomenal.

"And this is what worries me; I worry about it and a lot of the social pressures that come with it."

The Standard Chartered chief executive says that it is young peoples' definition of success that concerns him most, warning it has reached levels that are "almost impossible" to achieve.

"I think we're at risk of damage to young people."

This banking chief is worried about the risk of 'damage' to young millennials

The millennial mind is so dominated by the search for a perfect job, that they are "obsessed" with their work, according to the Harvard Business Review.

It found that millennials almost completely focus on work goals and ambitions when thinking about the future, which leads to a "quarter-life crisis."

One attribute Winters does admire in young people is their control over their own lives, something he says sets them apart from his own generation.

"I would encourage 20-year-olds to be reasonable in terms of expectations, but never lose that sense of control of your own life."

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