Shark Tank

These proud ‘rednecks’ brave the 'Shark Tank' to prove they can save America's favorite pastime…guzzlin' beer


There's one thing we can all agree on: Warm beer is the worst.

At least, that's the opinion of entrepreneurs Mike Robb and Tom "Ozzy" Osbourne who are in the tank to pitch Beer Blizzard, their homemade solution to preventing warm beer. Mike, the company's CEO, and Ozzy, who bills himself as the CRIC ("Chief Redneck in Charge"), are hoping their brilliantly simple answer to a pesky drinking problem will dazzle the Sharks and get them an offer.

Mike and Ozzy's Beer Blizzard 'aha' moment came when they realized all beer cans have the same dome-shaped bottom. So they created a slip-on koozie and a reusable, plastic ice cube to fit snuggly in the space under a beer can. And voilà! Ice-cold beer.

So let's toast to these two summer heroes -- they deserve a round on us.