South American Gold Set To Acquire Medical Device Company Rehaba

Las Vegas, NV , June 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- South American Gold Corp (OTC: SAGD) is proud to announce that it has reached an agreement to acquire Rehaba. Rehaba, founded and led by Greg Westfall, is the home of the TeslaMax TIER 4 “Mini” Combo unit, an electrical stimulation technology which has 510K marketing clearance by the FDA, as well as ZoneRX, a revolutionary patent pending targeted exercise postural restoration device (which is exempt from FDA requirements).

About TeslaMax:

TeslaMax is a breakthrough electrical stimulation technology with a wide range of applications for both nerve pain relief and as a urinary incontinence treatment. It has a unique ability to create massive muscle contractions without causing pain or discomfort for the patient. This stimulates nearby muscles, causing them to contract. The deeper the muscle contractions, the more pronounced the benefits, which include increased muscle tone, improved circulation, reduced fluid build-up, and accelerated wound healing.

The Tesla-Based Technology in the TeslaMax uses a proprietary form of alternating current (AC) not available in any other electrical stimulation device. With alternating current, the direction of electricity changes directions rapidly, up to 60 times per second. This reduces the amount of heat and friction that builds up in the skin, and it allows for stronger, deeper muscle contractions without pain or risk of electrical burns. This makes it an excellent option when patients are looking for a pain-free treatment for neuropathy and both male and female incontinence.

About ZoneRX:

ZoneRX is a piece of non-medical equipment that teaches the user how to use underutilized zone rx 1muscles that have atrophied. ZoneRX guides them to inhibit chronic abnormal neurological patterns that are locked into the soft tissue, creating new muscle memory that brings the proper muscles back into service.

SAGD President, David Reeves, stated, “With the completion of the acquisition of Rehaba, we will bring value and added revenue to SAGD. This acquisition is a positive step forward in our vision.”

Rehaba’s TeslaMax product is presently available throughout various doctors’ offices and clinic within the United States and Rehaba is furthering the development of its distribution options for international opportunities.

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The TelsaMax product has been used by individuals ranging from the general public for relief of multiple different elements, including diabetic ulcers, to world renowned strength endurance record holder Dr. Nick Delgado to former U.S. Congresswoman Diane Watson.

The completion of this acquisition creates a revenue producing medical division for SAGD, allowing the company to further the growth of Rehaba, while providing the company’s development division, under the direction of Mr. Bonner, with a basis to further explore other possible opportunities in this space.

SAGD anticipates consummating this acquisition by the end of this month.

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