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Car crashes into Amsterdam train station, injuring 8: No terror suspected

Key Points
  • A driver was apprehended after crashing into a wall at Central Station in Amsterdam on Saturday, injuring pedestrians
  • The culprit was running from police after being approached for standing where it was not allowed

A motorist was arrested in Amsterdam on Saturday, after a car he was driving hit a wall at Central Station that injured at least eight pedestrians.

Dutch police confirmed that the culprit was taken into custody and interrogated, but initial indications are that the act wasn't intentional. Two of the victims had serious injuries and were transported to a local hospital, while the rest were treated on the spot, authorities said.

The driver crashed after being approached by police for standing in a prohibited area.

Local television station AT5 News reported that while running away from the police at high speed, the motorist drove onto a square in front of the station — crashing into a wall near the entrance to the subway.

In a tweet, Dutch police said the incident did not appear to be deliberate, but they were investigating further.

Tweets from the scene showed the area cordoned off by police.

"Amsterdam central. Attack or accident? Waiting for news. #amsterdam," user Manya Koetse tweeted.