2017 Paysa CompanyRank Report Unveils Biggest Winners, Losers in Tech Talent War

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Paysa, the only platform that uses artificial intelligence to deliver personalized career and hiring recommendations plus real-world salary insights, today released new research that reveals the 100 highest ranking companies, which have experienced the greatest success in hiring and retaining top technical and engineering talent over the past year -- from April 2016 to April 2017.

In conducting the study, Paysa used its CompanyRank technology, a machine learning algorithm that aggregates and analyzes resumes, job postings and social activity -- nearly 8 million points of data -- across nearly 200,000 companies over the past 15+ years. Paysa CompanyRank is also available as a live interactive tool, ready for use on Paysa’s website. Employees, job seekers, investors and partners can use the tool to chart out how a company is performing against its competitors, and other companies in general -- over time, using it to gauge the health of that company.

Companies analyzed as part of this research included those with 100 employees or more, ranging from Silicon Valley tech standouts like Google, Snap, Lyft, Uber and Airbnb, to blue-chip businesses like Intel Corporation, Microsoft and Walmart.

The data, in its entirety, reflecting the complete set of findings, is now available for download at https://www.paysa.com/data-request#list

Key Findings Include:

  • The top 25 companies among the top 100 top ranking companies that have climbed the most, and their percentage year-over-year increase, are as follows.

Company2017 CompanyRank% Increase,
Slack Inc.2195%
Magic Leap6881%
Snap Inc.478%
Credit Karma3661%
Zillow Group5143%
Oculus VR3942%
Quintiles IMS6739%
Cox Automotive3529%

  • The 10 companies that saw the greatest flight of technology and engineering professionals, overall, include Avant! Corp, Counsyl, Foursquare, Prosper Marketplace, NetSuite, Dimension Data, Couchbase, Broadcom, Lookout and General Assembly.
  • The top 25 biggest losers, within the top 100 ranking companies, according to Paysa CompanyRank, that saw the greatest demise of top tier tech talent (losing their best, most valuable tech and engineering professionals) include:

Company2017 CompanyRank
% Decrease,
Losing to:
Coursera201 175% Google
Groupon143 127% Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Uber, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Yelp, Salesforce, Expedia
SolarCity188 121% Sunrun
Zenefits210 114% Google
Nest Labs45 88% Google, Apple, Microsoft
Dropbox13 86% Google, Facebook, Uber, Lyft
GoPro84 79% NVIDIA, Apple, Facebook, Tesla Motors, Google, Adobe
Wealthfront122 77% Google, Uber, Salesforce
FireEye38 73% Palo Alto Networks, Apple, Cisco Systems, Google, Proofpoint, Endgame, Cylance, Baidu, Adobe
Epsilon141 72% Infogroup, Merkle, Fidelity Investments, Brierley+Partners, Tbwachiatday, Targetbase, Apple, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Wayfair, Self Employed
Intel Corporation108 66% Microsoft, Apple, Qualcomm, Google, NVIDIA, Amazon, AMD, Oracle, Cisco Systems, Broadcom
Slalom Consulting74 61% Microsoft, Amazon, Freelance.com, Apple
Expedia80 60% Microsoft, Amazon, Orbitz Worldwide, Hotwire, Zillow, Nordstrom, Google, Salesforce, AT&T, Visa
Here66 54% Amazon
Optum132 54% UnitedHealth Group, UnitedHealthcare, OptumInsight, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
Google3 50% Facebook, Uber, Microsoft, YouTube, Apple, Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Airbnb
Qualcomm94 47% Apple, Intel Corporation, Google, Microsoft, Broadcom, Amazon, NVIDIA, Cisco Systems, Amazon Lab126, Oracle
Square16 45% Google, Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, Lyft, Self Employed
Bloomberg LP88 44% Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Thomson Reuters, Apple, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Two Sigma, Palantir Technologies
PayPal85 44% eBay, Visa, Google, Amazon, Apple, LinkedIn, Intuit, Facebook, WalmartLabs, Uber
New Relic138 44%
Palo Alto Networks17 42% Juniper Networks, Cisco Systems, ForeScout Technologies, Inc.
Veritas Technologies43 38% Symantec, Amazon, Oracle
Twitter34 36% Google, Facebook, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Snap Inc., Apple, LinkedIn, Stripe, Fitbit
Lending Club46 35% Salesforce

  • The top 10 companies that saw the biggest improvement in rank, overall, include Betterment, Qualtrics, ROBLOX Corporation, Tinder, Udacity, Flatiron Health, Blue Apron, WeWork, Code and Theory and Procore Technologies, Inc. While they didn’t make the top 100 this time around, these companies gained the most positions overall, with a chance to become the next Snap, Google, Uber or Airbnb, making them ones to watch.

This latest Paysa CompanyRank report is an important resource, used by hundreds of thousands of employees and prospective employees in evaluating if they should stay at their current company or consider offers from new companies. The data also offers valuable insights for investors and venture capitalists, not available from any other source, arming them with the earliest outlook of a company and predict its future success based on the strength of their tech development workforce.

“When you look at where the top companies are now, as compared to last year, it’s like owning the canary in a coal-mine – giving you the very first indicators of which companies offer the greatest opportunity for career advancement and financial performance,” said Chris Bolte, CEO of Paysa. “Understanding what separates the winners from the losers – how the stand-out companies are able to attract and keep talent -- translates not only into your pay on the job, but your ability as an individual or institutional investor to build wealth over the long term.”

“Companies need to pay attention to where their best employees are coming from and whether their compensation strategies, HR practices and treatment of employees, in general, are attracting the best people or driving them away,” added Bolte. “Money always follows talent. For example, a start-up like Slack, with $540M in total equity funding, has seen a dramatic shift – climbing 95 percent to #21 in 2017, making it a company to consider today. On the other hand, a company like FireEye has shown a decrease in CompanyRank by 73% -- though it might have had better than expected stock performance, financial experts say it is also still losing money -- that dip is also being validated by its plunge in CompanyRank.”

More About Paysa’s CompanyRank Technology

Paysa’s CompanyRank uses a proprietary machine learning algorithm to track the network-wide retention and flux of tech workers over time. If a company continues to hire from high quality companies, their score will increase. If a company loses in hiring people from top companies, or starts hiring from lesser quality companies, their score, and relative ranking, will decrease.

Paysa insights and CompanyRank bring data and clarity to career decisions, from what tech professionals should be making and how they can increase their value, to understanding the depth of their current team – or one they're considering joining. Professionals can understand how their current or a prospective employer stacks up against competitors for top tech talent, enabling them to make more informed career decisions, whether they are up for a promotion or evaluating a new opportunity. Job seekers can easily see which companies are acquiring and retaining top technology talent, and which companies are losing their best tech workers.

CompanyRank can also help investors, partners and organizations themselves gain unique insights into the health of a company's tech workforce, and make decisions accordingly.

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Paysa offers personalized career and hiring recommendations plus real-world salary insights for maximizing opportunity, earning potential and value at all stages of an individual’s career. Using proprietary artificial intelligence technology and machine learning algorithms, Paysa analyzes millions of data points including jobs, resumes and compensation information, providing professionals with actionable tools, insights, and research. They can then see and understand their individual worth in the market today, and how to increase their value. Paysa also empowers enterprises with the knowledge they need to be competitive in today’s fierce tech hiring market. Employers can learn which skills, real-world company experience and educational background offers the greatest predictor of a candidate’s or employee’s future success at their organization.

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