Expereo announces acquisition of Cloud Acceleration software pioneer Border 6

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, June 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today Expereo, the forerunner in managed Internet network, SD-WAN services, and Cloud connectivity solutions, has announced the acquisition of Border 6, creator of market-leading technology in Internet performance-based routing.

Border 6’s technology and IP will be used to further power Expereo’s Global Cloud Acceleration platform, XCA™.

XCA delivers optimal user productivity for Cloud Applications by optimizing Internet routing through Expereo’s global network of Cloud Acceleration Hubs™. XCA operates from 16 existing Expereo Cloud Acceleration Hubs with four more Hubs planned to open during 2017.

The Border 6 acquisition also allows Expereo to take XCA into data centers and customer sites as XCA Edge, which complements XCA by optimizing outbound Internet traffic from these sites.

Francois Devienne, CEO, Border 6: “We’re extremely proud of this acquisition – it’s a recognition of our vision, technology, and product. Expereo pioneered global managed Internet network services, and XCA is the perfect partner for the new wave of optimized Internet connectivity.”

Irwin Fouwels, CEO, Expereo: “Border 6’s technology has provided significant benefits for our customers with major lifts in performance. It was a logical step to purchase the company at a stage where we are starting to see broad adoption of Cloud Acceleration technology in the market, complementing our global managed internet services as the leading platform for enterprise connectivity solutions.”

XCA and Border 6

Businesses across the world are adopting Cloud and Software as a Service applications at an increasing pace. The resulting increase in bandwidth demand puts corporate network capabilities under immense pressure, especially in regional and branch offices. In these locations, the cost to scale capacity is unreasonably high using traditional VPN technologies.

Across the Internet, the current routing method is based on Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), which is designed for ‘shortest path selection’ and does not factor in overall performance. Expereo XCA overcomes this issue.

XCA actively probes all destination networks for performance metrics including packet loss, latency, historical reliability, and peering capacity, and continually selects the best routing in real-time based on these statistics, not just the theoretical shortest path.

“When you combine those benefits with XCA you get an enterprise-grade alternative to MPLS. Expereo XCA guarantees the performance needed to confidently move your network to the Internet,” says Expereo CEO Irwin Fouwels.

About Expereo
Expereo, part of the Carlyle Group, is the world’s pioneer and leader in managed Internet network and cloud connectivity solutions. Expereo’s ground-breaking XDN portfolio presents Global Internet Connectivity (GIaaS), Global Cloud Acceleration (XCA), SD-WAN Managed Services and Xpertise.

About Border 6
Expereo is a technology company based in Annecy, France. It provides mid-size and large corporations with the highest availability and performance Internet connectivity architectures. At the core of its portfolio is a BGP-SDN toolkit for multi-homed Internet access management and optimization.

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