Cramer's lightning round: This winner makes KORS look like a loser

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Michael Kors: "That last Kors quarter was weak. I think the combination of Coach and Kate Spade is a total winner, which does make me feel that Kors is a total loser."

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company: "I didn't really care for the quarter, to be honest. I think you're at the peak quarter. I actually want to take profits in Goodyear Tire. I don't think you should be a buyer."

Crestwood Equity Partners: "This is another one that yields 11 percent. It's a natural gas liquid gathering. I mean, I would love to recommend it, but because of all the pain in the oil patch, I am going to tell you you can't, because I think that thing could go down another 3 or 4 [basis] points."

Transocean: "Transocean? No. There is just not a lot of deep-water drilling. I can't have you in that stock."

3D Systems: "No, no, no. I think that's a crowded space, and I've got to tell you, if you really want 3D, I'm going to go with the HPQ kind. That stock has been weak since they reported that great quarter. I like that opportunity."

Cloudera Inc.: "I have to tell you, I thought the quarter wasn't that bad. A lot of people were stunned at the guidance, and I felt they were just being conservative. Here, with the stock down at a 52-week low, I'm tempted. But remember: There's a lot of negativity involved. It reminds me of Box at $12 and $13, when we stuck our head into the oven and it turned out to be [that] we made a soufflé."

FedEx: "I like the call options, but I, too, am worried. I was going to talk about it this morning on my 'Mad Dash,' I said, 'Oh, man, the stock won't quit. We're going right into the quarter with a stock that won't quit.' I'd rather have the downside protected."

VMWare: "You know, I though the quarter was OK. People didn't really care for the quarter. I thought that that was a better quarter than the Street though, but I thought that way about Cloudera, too. Maybe I'm being a little too optimistic."

Micron Technology: "We're going to have a good quarter. People think it's the last good quarter. I'd prefer for you to be in Western Digital, which my charitable trust owns, because I think Western Digital has some upside from this Toshiba [fracture], where they just, amazingly, went for a restraining order. If they get it, then I think that Toshiba has no choice but to flip that huge flash business to Western Digital and the stock will go right to $100. More upside to WDC than there is to MU."

Sirius: "Pandora is a sell and Sirius is a buy. Sirius, once again, took advantage of its unbelievable balance sheet and management and did that deal with Pandora. I think Sirius is very good at stall. What happens [is] it goes up, and then it stalls, goes up, then it stalls. That's where it is right now. I like it."

XPO Logistics: "[CEO] Brad Jacobs has done a great job. The thing is an absolute horse. I wish it would cool off a little bit, come down a little, but I do like the company."

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