Five-must watch videos: Spending a week on bitcoin; DJ Khaled's life lessons; and Trump's awkward Cabinet meeting

Here are five must-watch videos from the past week, hand-picked by CNBC:

How practical is it to live on bitcoin in 2017? We tried it for a week

CNBC reporter Seema Mody attempted to live on bitcoin in New York City only for one week.

Transportation proved a challenge, as was finding restaurants that accept bitcoins.

Is it possible to live on bitcoin? Sure, but it involves a few extra steps for the digital savvy.

President Trump was bathed in praise at his first Cabinet meeting

President Donald Trump on Monday held his first Cabinet meeting at the White House. To say it caused a buzz on social media would be an understatement.

During introductions, Cabinet members each took turns to heap praise on the president, much to the derision of critics online.

Ben Carson, secretary of Housing and Urban Development, told CNBC on Tuesday that the compliments were 'totally spontaneous.'

This life lesson helped DJ Khaled build his empire

Social media star and music mogul DJ Khaled stopped by the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday to chat with CNBC.

He shared how he conquered social media with a positive message, and how others can leverage multiple social media channels to build their brand.

"When you put love and good energy out, you receive it back," DJ Khaled told CNBC.

If you're looking to make billions, try mining an asteroid

The space economy could be a multitrillion-dollar industry by 2020, according to Goldman Sachs.

That's because a single, big asteroid could contain as much as $50 billion worth of platinum.

Getting to those asteroids remains a challenge, but that hasn't stopped billions of private investment dollars from pouring into the commercial space industry.

Microsoft's Surface Pro is here and it's really expensive

Microsoft's Surface Pro builds on an already great product family, but you're probably better off buying last year's model to save some money, says CNBC's gadget guru Todd Haselton.

CNBC takes its first look at the tablet-laptop hybrid.