LinkedIn CEO sums up why Jeff Bezos, and Amazon, are so impressive in one tweet

Key Points
  • Amazon is buying Whole Foods, and is rumored to be interested in Slack.
  • Both deals make great sense despite being so radically different.
  • This shows how special Amazon is as a company right now.

Amazon announced plans to buy Whole Foods for $14 billion, which would make a lot of sense for a company that wants to dominate all aspects of retail.

Amazon is also reportedly interested in paying $9 billion for Slack, a hot Silicon Valley messaging app aimed at corporations. This would be a good fit for Amazon Web Services, which is Amazon's thriving cloud business.

A messaging app for corporations is about as different a business as a grocery store as you can get.

The fact that both work well, show the breadth and depth of Amazon's business. There is almost no other company in the world where two such disparate businesses make strategic sense being owned by the same parent company.

LinkedIn's CEO Jeff Weiner, in the tweet above sums it up well. It's a marvel to behold.