Here's what billionaire Mark Cuban thinks of Amazon's Whole Foods acquisition

  • Billionaire Mark Cuban has just one question about Amazon's plan to buy Whole Foods
  • Can Amazon get groceries to you faster than if you jumped in an Uber or Lyft?
  • He believes Amazon can

Billionaire Mark Cuban sounded off on Amazon's plan to acquire Whole Foods.

Cuban had just one question, which he posted to Twitter:

"The Amazon Question. Can they get your groceries to you faster than you can get to the store to shop in an Uber/ Lyft world? Yes"

Cuban is making the suggestion that it will be faster for shoppers to sit at home, order groceries and have them delivered faster than it would take them to get in a car, go to the store and pick them up themselves.

This is huge and, so long as Amazon can get groceries out fast enough, entirely plausible. Amazon hasn't discussed it intentions for Whole Foods yet, but it seems almost obvious that the company will fold the markets into its Amazon Fresh delivery service, allowing it to make deliveries to customers near Whole Foods locations faster than ever.