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5 ways that the iPhone is way behind

Key Points
  • Apple needs to add a few features to the iPhone 8 to help it stay competitive.
  • Wireless charging and face detection would be great iPhone 8 additions, for example.
  • Apple should also add an edge-to-edge display.
5 ways that the iPhone is way behind

Apple needs to add five features to the iPhone 8 to make it as competitive as possible with other smartphones on the market.

The tech giant can still sell millions of smartphones by leaving out a few of these features, it proves that quarter after quarter, but I think it'll attract even more consumers if it adopts these new functions.

Wireless and fast charging

Sean Gallup | Getty Images

You don't realize how fun wireless charging is until you actually use it. I love being able to walk into work in the morning and drop my Galaxy S8 down on a charging pad instead of fumbling for a wire and plugging it in. Most reports suggest Apple is going to add wireless charging to its next iPhones, and it's probably the feature I'm most excited about. Fast charging — the ability to juice up the battery without spending hours at the outlet — would also be appreciated.

An edge-to-edge display

Todd Haselton | CNBC

I don't know if we'll see Apple adopt an edge-to-edge display like we did on the Galaxy S8 (see image above), but it's possible. This is important because it allows Apple to increase the screen size without boosting the size of the iPhone handset. That means you'll get more screen without having to fumble with a larger phone. I hope we see Apple adopt AMOLED displays from Samsung, as rumors suggest, because they're brighter and more colorful than what Apple has ever offered before.

Face detection

CNBC: Galaxy S8 2
Devin Hance | CNBC

I love how quickly I can unlock the Galaxy S8, all by just looking at the screen. It's especially convenient if my phone locks itself while I'm walking around the city and I can't fumble with the fingerprint reader or enter a pass code. I hope Apple adds a face detection sensor in the iPhone 8 to enable similar functions. Some rumors have suggested Apple will add this feature, while others have said it may be what's causing alleged delays with the iPhone 8.

Faster data speeds

Todd Haselton | CNBC

While reports suggest otherwise, the iPhone 8 should support faster gigabit LTE networks that wireless carriers are rolling out now. Without making it sound too complicated, these networks are much, much faster than what your phone supports now (unless you have a Galaxy S8), but will soon let you download movies in mere seconds. Imagine renting a movie before hopping on a plane and not having to plan in advance for the movie to download. Apple likes to supply from Qualcomm and Intel, however, and the latter doesn't have gigabit LTE modems ready yet. That suggests Apple might not add this feature unless it does something new ... like build its own modems.

Multitasking in iOS 11


We know a bit about what's coming in iOS 11 since Apple talked about it during WWDC earlier this month. Apple sometimes saves other features for later, though. I'd love to see it allow two apps to run side by side on an iPhone, allowing you to browse your email while surfing the web, for example. It's a feature that's already available on iPads, and it seems like it could work really well on Apple's larger-screened iPhones.

Apple was not immediately available for comment.