Shark Tank

Crickets may be the future of food, but the Sharks aren't buying it

As anyone who's ever dieted knows, eating right can be difficult. And with trends like kale and juice cleanses dominating pop culture, is it possible insects are next? Health food entrepreneur Pat Crowley's betting on it. He's in the tank to pitch his company, Chapul, and its signature protein bar made with an unconventional key ingredient: cricket flour.

Crickets, Crowley explains, are an extremely renewable source of protein that are eaten by over half the countries in the world. They're just not the most … appetizing. But with flavors like "coconut lime" and "dark chocolate coffee cayenne" masking the ground up crickets within, he manages to convince some of the Sharks to reluctantly sample his bars.

Mr. Wonderful, however, isn't buying what Crowley's selling. "There is no way I'm eating that," he blurts out.

Regardless, Crowley's hoping that America will "catch up with the rest of the world" and, like Barbara Corcoran, say, "Why not?" to Chapul.