Brazil's federal police say they have evidence President Michel Temer received bribes

Brazilian President Michel Temer
Igo Estrela | Getty Images
Brazilian President Michel Temer

Brazil's federal police force says it has found evidence that embattled President Michel Temer received bribes to help businesses.

Investigators said in a preliminary report published Tuesday by Brazil's top court that Temer deserves to be investigated for passive corruption.

Temer has denied any wrongdoing and has already pledged not to resign.

Attorney General Rodrigo Janot said last month there were enough preliminary indications of wrongdoing for Temer to be investigated for corruption and obstruction of justice.

If Brazil's top prosecutor agrees with the federal police recommendation, Congress will decide whether Temer should be investigated by the country's Supreme Court. The court is the only body that can formally investigate the president.

If two-thirds of Congress votes to allow the investigation, Temer would be suspended from office pending trial.