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Cramer's lightning round: Don't go down the food chain in this space


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on guest favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Mattel: "We have Hasbro. Why are we going down the food chain? Why don't we go with the best of breed? Why are we going with the worst of breed? You buy Hasbro right here at $110, I think you'll do great."

New York Community Bancorp: "I like New York Community Bank. I think it's good. I do think, as the Fed raises rates, it's going to be good."

Citigroup: "They just reported. The stress test – flying colors. Next week I think [CEO] Mike Corbat is going to ask for a bigger dividend. I think he gets it. I want to hold on. My charitable trust owns it. I like it."

Zoetis: "I like it. I like it very much. I like it very much. I think it's good. Now, by the way, I do prefer Idexx [Labs]. That's the best play."

AbbVie: "There was an upgrade today. I think AbbVie's real good. I happen to like Avid even more, because the medical device business is real good, but AbbVie's real good. I'm not worried about the patent expiration. I think they're going to pull it off. I honestly do. I do like the group very much."

US Steel: "No, no, no, no, no. We're Nucor people. Within the next five days, I expect the president to be able to announce that he's going to shut down all Chinese steel [imports]. US Steel's going to go up $4 bucks, then you have to sell, but Nucor could go up $15. They already pre-announced. All the expectations are lower. I say buy Nucor."

California Resources Corp: "Oh man, no, way to speculative. We're not going there. That's a company that was the spinoff of [Occidental Petroleum]. I don't even like OXY anymore. I sure can't own CRC. That stock has come and gone. Sell, sell, sell."

Valeant: "I mean, look, the stock is on a major roll. There's absolutely no doubt about it. And [investing guru] Bill Miller's going out there saying it's good. I still don't like the balance sheet, but I recognize that pop is doing a good job. So I'm not going to recommend it, but I see an up stock and I know an up stock when I see it, I guess is what I'm going to have to say. It's a momentum play."

Alexion: "I think both Incyte and Alexion, which people think are disappointing, I think both of them work. Incyte, I think, it's taken over. It's fine on fundamentals. And Alexion's good too. I like both of them."

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