Democrats pressure Deutsche Bank on information about Trump-Russia ties

Key Points
  • Five democratic lawmakers have sent a second letter to Deutsche Bank on Thursday requesting information on President Donald Trump, his family, and his possible ties to Russia.
  • Democrats sent their first letter on May 23, receiving a response from Deutsche Bank on June 8 declining to hand over information.
  • Democratic lawmakers are disputing Deutsche Bank's June 8 statement in a letter today.
Dem lawmakers press Deutsche Bank on Trump Russia ties

Five Democratic members of Congress sent a second letter to Deutsche Bank on Thursday, requesting information on President Donald Trump, his family and his possible ties to Russia.

Democratic lawmakers sent their first request for Trump-Russia information on May 23.

Deutsche Bank responded on June 8 and declined to hand over the information, saying that, "Federal law requires that institutions such as Deutsche Bank maintain the privacy of their customers and the confidentiality of information relating to those customers."

But Democrats disputed that statement Thursday, and listed three ways that Deutsche Bank's commitment to protecting Trump's information does not apply:

  1. The laws Deutsche Bank is referring to in its June 8 response letter relates only to "government authority," not necessarily the legislative branch or Congress.
  2. Democratic lawmakers claim that "a number of our requests do not require the furnishing of information that would invoke the statutes [Deutsche Bank refers to] at all," meaning some of the Democrats' requests should've garnered a response immediately.
  3. Trump has full access to the protected information, which means that "such disclosure would ostensibly be in his interest."

CNBC has reached out to Deutsche Bank for comment on the recent Congressional letter.