How this Google employee turned start-up CEO 'maniacally' prioritizes her time—and how you can too

Brit Morin
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Brit Morin

Balancing a million-dollar media company with family life is an important decision for Brit + Co CEO and founder Brit Morin.

After college Morin worked for the likes of Google, YouTube and Apple, before going on to found Brit + Co five and a half years ago. The website aims to inspire women to create and learn new skills, with online tutorials and articles on anything from cooking to home décor.

Since starting her digital media company for women, her website has ballooned, reaching over 100 million readers every month.

But so has her family life. Now with a husband and two children (a one-year-old, and a two-year-old), Morin has learned to fit her work around her family. She does this by making a point of leaving the office every day at 5:15 p.m.

"I think it's so important to have that balance, and that's the beauty of living in a digital world —we can get back online later and finish up the day," she told CNBC in an episode of Life Hacks Live.

"I'm working a lot, but that's the only way to get it done. And I really do believe that when you have young kids you've got to be on with them and spending quality time with them as much as possible."

But for Morin, work-life balance is about more than just a strict everyday timetable, it's also about sticking to "OKRs" — objectives and key results — across her work and family life.

"I'm maniacally focused on prioritization and goals," she said.

"In the company (Brit + Co) we have five main goals for the whole company, and every organization's goals have to wrap up to that, and every individual's goals has to wrap up to that … And this is kind of nerdy of me but I do the same thing for my personal life. So we have family OKRs and family goals we set at the beginning of every year."

"The things we want to accomplish that year, whether it's spending more time with our in-laws or taking at least two trips abroad or get the backyard done… I think you have to have those higher-level goals in order to really prioritize your day-to-day, and that's how we really stay focused and on track," she added.

"I think you have to have those higher-level goals in order to really prioritize your day." -Brit Morin, CEO and founder of Brit + Co

Morin goes a step further by turning down events and opportunities that don't fall in line with her work or family OKRs.

"If we get an amazing partnership opportunity but it has nothing to do with our key goals for the year at Brit + Co, then we say no," she said.

"If I get invited to a networking dinner but maybe there aren't people there that I think will help propel my business or help me professionally grow or personally grow, I'll turn it down because I'd rather be with my kids. And so I do a lot of prioritization of my time."

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