Here's how much President Trump's 26-year-old assistant makes

Madeleine Westerhout
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Madeline Westerhout isn't like most 26-year-olds. At a time when many young professionals are going through a quarter-life crisis, the young political junkie occupies a desk in the White House. 

Westerhout holds the highly coveted job of special assistant and executive assistant to the President of the United States and according to White House salary data released on Friday, she makes $95,000 a year. 

For most employees her age, that's a hefty paycheck. The average worker between the ages of 25 and 34 makes $50,232 a year. But then again, most young professionals don't have a job like Westerhout's.

How does the Trump's assistant stack up to others who've held the same role?

On paper, Westerhout makes the same as her predecessor. Anita Decker Breckenridge, who started as President Barack Obama's executive assistant during his second term at age 32, made $95,000.

When you factor in inflation, Trump's assistant makes less than Breckenridge, whose 2011 salary was worth $103,000 in today's dollars. But compared to Obama's first executive assistant, who started in 2009, Westerhout earns more. Katie Johnson made $75,000 as Obama's executive assistant when she started in 2009 at age 27. Adjusted for inflation, her salary was closer to $85,000.

Westerhout is originally from California and holds a bachelor's degree in political science from the College of Charleston. She's previously worked as an assistant to other Republican candidates at the state and federal level, and took time off from college in 2012 to intern for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. 

"I'll be an eyewitness to history, which is pretty exciting," she told The College of Charleston earlier this year. "It's such an honor."

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