The No. 1 personality trait of highly successful people across 8 industries

Bill Gates
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If you work in any of the eight major industries, including Law, Finance, Media and Entertainment, the top personality trait for the most successful leaders is the same.

The answer? Intellect.

That's according to job search Paysa using data from IBM's supercomputer Watson. The firm ranked each trait from a scale of 1.0 (highest) to 0.0 (lowest). The top traits include intellect, altruism, cheerfulness, assertiveness and cautiousness, depending on the industry.

According to a graphic put together by Paysa, the only industry that doesn't list intellect first is Politics.

The firm also drew upon IBM data for a slew of other analyses, including determining the 11 most assertive CEOs in tech. Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella ranked first, followed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Additionally, Paysa used Watson to analyze the personalities of Zuckerberg and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Both of them have intellect as their top trait.

To arrive at these results, Paysa "gathered speeches, essays, books, the transcripts of interviews and other forms of communication produced by those highlighted above." It put over 2,500 words "through the Watson Personality Insights API."

"Personality Insights extracts personality characteristics based on how a person writes," according to IBM Watson's website. "You can use the service to match individuals to other individuals, opportunities, and products, or tailor their experience with personalized messaging and recommendations."

The study's findings that intellect is the No. 1 trait across nearly all the industries examined makes intuitive sense. After all, being smart helps leaders in a variety of ways. Bill Gates says finding your brand of smarts is pivotal to having a good career.

As for politics apparently ranking intelligence second? No comment.

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