These shortcuts can help you watch Netflix like a pro

  • Netflix has created keyboard shortcuts to let you pause, play and adjust setting without touching your mouse.
  • Other third parties have also created website extensions and websites to let you further control settings and see what is available to watch.
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Source: Netflix

When you're binge watching a TV show or several movies on Netflix, you want the minimal amount of distractions. Here are some built-in shortcuts to help create the ultimate viewing experience.

Keyboard shortcuts

If you're watching Netflix on a computer and don't want to move your mouse, here's a list of keys to keep handy.

  • Space and enter — play or pause
  • F — full screen
  • Esc — exit full screen
  • S — skip intro
  • Left arrow — rewind
  • Right arrow — fast forward
  • Up arrow — volume up
  • Down arrow — volume down
  • M – mute

Fix streaming issues

To avoid the dreaded buffer, you can manually select your audio bit rate, video bit rate and CDN (content delivery network) by holding down control + shift + alt + s (control + shift + option + * on Macs). Make your selections and click override, or use the Netflix-selected options by clicking reset.

If you're watching on a device like an XBox, Playstation or Wii, you can enter up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up using the directional keypad to get the "Get Help" screen. There you can reload Netflix and diagnose network issues, among other things.

Additional apps and websites

There are several free Chrome extensions that can improve your viewing experience.

Showgoers for Netflix lets you watch with others simultaneously. After you download the app, a pair of 3-D glasses will appear in the upper right corner. Click it to start the Showgoers experience. You can send a private link to friends so they can watch with you or allow other account holders into your viewing party. There's also a nifty chat function on the side of the screen so you can talk while watching.

Super Netflix adds a bevy features, like checking if the content is streaming properly before you start viewing it, and options to add visual filters including making the content brighter, dimmer or black and white. You can search for subtitles in other languages not supported by Netflix, through a service provided by Currently, it's testing out a spoiler-free function that blurs out thumbnails and episode descriptions so you won't find out what's coming up next.

If Netflix isn't recommending the right kind of movies and TV shows for you, Ogres Crypt has compiled a list of the company's 27,000 internal category codes. Browse through more specific topics like "movies for ages 5 to 7," "exciting movies starring Steven Seagal" or "social and cultural documentaries about food." Titles are constantly being added and removed, so some of the links may have no content.

What's On Netflix is a list of new movies and shows on Netflix, as well as what's set to leave soon. The site updates almost daily.

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