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Cramer's lightning round: I don't usually like the sector, but this biotech's got the goods


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Novocure Limited: "I've been endorsing this one. I usually don't get behind these that much, but I know that this company's got a really terrific product and I would stick with it even though it has had a big move. I have not felt that way about a lot of these biotechs."

AeroVironment: "Unmanned [Aircraft Systems], we like Unmanned very, very much. Let me throw in that General Dynamics, which has been my fave, cracked $200 today."

PetMed Express: "This is at the heart of my humanization of pets story like Idexx Labs. I can't back away from it now, even though it's run, because it's a long term secular theme."

ON Semiconductor: "Candidly, not my fave. I have to just be honest with you. My charitable trust bought the stock Wednesday of Broadcom, symbol AVGO. I think it represents a better buy."

GNC Holdings: "Sell, sell, sell. No. I don't like it."

Under Armour: "Let's give them a break. The stock has bottomed. We know we called that at $18, so we're right on that. But Nike had a really great quarter. [Nike CEO] Mark Parker, who, by the way, is always welcome to be my co-host if not just a guest, has done a great job, so I'm going to say you have to do Nike here."

Portola Pharmaceuticals: "I think it's real. I think Portola's got the right pharmaceuticals. It's a spec, but I think it's real. We've looked at it."

NextEra Energy: "NextEra's one of the great growth utilities. We've been behind it all the way. I think it's terrific."

O'Reilly Automotive: "O'Reilly's just been taken to the woodshed 900 times this week and they still don't like it. You have to wait until after Amazon Prime Day if you want to speculate. I've had it with these stocks. There's just been too much bloodshed. I do not want to be involved with the eviscerated, fusillade, fire, shooting range, whatever you want to call it, that are the auto parts."

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