Self-made millionaire: 3 ways that talking to yourself can help you succeed

Grant Cardone
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In order to be successful, you may want to try talking to yourself.

It sounds strange, but I've found that positive self-talk can help a person's attitude immensely. That, in turn, leads to better relationships with others, higher self-esteem and more productive days.

Here are three ways to have a more positive attitude in order to succeed in life.

Talk to yourself and think positive thoughts

What you say when you talk to yourself creates your attitude. People wonder why their life isn't exciting: It's their think and their talk. Your entire life is created by your thoughts—and then by your language.

The thoughts that you have are created in part by the language you use. If you think it, you'll say it and then you'll do it. This is why so many people try and change behavior, but it doesn't last.

Self-made millionaire Grant Cardone.
Courtesy of Grant Cardone

If you don't change your thought process, you won't change your verbal process, and you won't change your actions.

That's my self-talk. Someone once asked me, "Does anything bad ever happen to you?" My response: "Nothing bad ever happens to me."

Change your vocabulary

Start using the language that highly-successful people employ every day.

Do you think highly successful people with great attitudes, when asked how their weekend was, reply, "It was okay" or "It was same old same old"?

No, the people that answer that way are mundane. "Alright, it's okay, so-so, nothing special." What do you think of the weather? "Man the weather sucks." Successful people don't talk like that.

Some examples of words to include in your new vocabulary: "Great," "super," "wonderful," "incredible," "excellent." If someone asks you, "How was your weekend?" Respond: "It was a blast."

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Stay active and busy

Once you change your self-talk and how you speak with others, it's time for more.

Someone once asked me, "How do you change your attitude?" My advice: Produce something. Any level of production will help.

Go make a sale, complete a task, make a phone call, go handle something you've been putting off, produce almost anything at any level you'll feel better. Production is the basis for morale.

Avoid doing things that cause you to have low self-esteem. Anything you don't feel good about, don't do.

You need to have a good attitude, and a good attitude comes from good production. The more you produce and speak to yourself with optimistic thoughts, the better your attitude will be and the more successful you'll find yourself for years to come.

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