How Steph Curry applied this advice from Steve Nash to success beyond sports

Stephen Curry
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Two-time NBA MVP winner Stephen Curry is known for outstanding on-court performance that's led his team to three straight NBA Finals appearances. But the 29-year-old is also shaping up to be a beast off the court and in business.

Curry credits a lot of his success to his Christian faith — he has a bible verse printed on the side of his game-day sneakers. The Golden State Warriors' star player also holds tight to a key success strategy given to him by former NBA player Steve Nash.

"One thing he has taught me is that you always have an out," Curry once told ESPN about Nash's advice to him.

Nash's advice to Curry was in reference to his performance as a decision-maker on the court, but the concept translates beyond sports as well: Always have a backup in case your first plan doesn't work.

How Steph Curry went from underpaid to second-highest-paid in the NBA
How Steph Curry went from underpaid to second-highest-paid in the NBA

With a $201 million contract under his belt, Curry could easily rely exclusively on his athletic ability for financial success. But he's still building "an out" plan now for when he retires from basketball.

Taking advantage of the Golden State Warriors' close proximity to Silicon Valley, Curry spoke at a TechCrunch Disrupt conference last year in San Francisco about his foray into the technology industry. Curry co-founded social media startup Slyce with his former Davidson College teammate Bryant Barr.

According to TechCrunch, Curry says the concept for the business came about after the duo "started brainstorming the idea two years ago to leverage off of [his] social media presence and the ways athletes interact with fans and sponsors off the court."

With $2 million worth of funding, Slyce is not Curry's only investment in the tech space.

Last month, Curry, along with teammate Andre Iguodala, announced the launch of The Players Technology Summit presented by Bloomberg, which will bring together power players in tech, venture capital and sports for educational discussions around entrepreneurship and investing.

American professional basketball NBA player Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors attends a commercial event for Under Armour at Asian Games Stadium on September 3, 2016 in Guangzhou, China.
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"Playing in Silicon Valley's backyard has exposed me to information and resources that I'm excited to share through the Summit," Curry told Bloomberg. "Whether you're thinking about your first move into entrepreneurship or investing, or perhaps already a veteran in the space, it's about surrounding yourself with the right team and putting in the work to always be improving as a professional."

Aside from the summit and Slyce, Curry is also part-owner of venture-funded app CoachUp, which helps connect high school and college athletes with private coaches. Outside of tech, he's secured lucrative endorsements from Under Armour, JPMorgan Chase, Brita, Vivo and Press Play, bringing his off-court earnings to $35 million, according to Forbes.

"I hate to put myself in this statement, but he's taken what I did to another level," Nash, now a player development consultant for the Golden State Warriors, told CBS Sports.

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