This was the most popular product sold during Amazon Prime Day

Key Points
  • Amazon's Prime Day revenue increased 60 percent over last year.
  • The Echo Dot was the most popular product, Amazon said.
  • Millions of products were sold on Tuesday during the one-day sale.
This was the best-selling item during Amazon Prime Day

The Echo Dot was the most sold product during Amazon Prime Day, the company said Wednesday.

Amazon said that total revenue increased more than 60 percent from last year, making it the most successful Prime Day to date.

The Echo Dot helped it achieve that milestone. The discounted Echo Dot outsold thousands of items that were on sale, ranging from household items to television sets.

The Echo Dot is Amazon's most affordable Echo, made cheaper by its $15 discount to $34.99 on Tuesday.

The product is a small puck that offers a built-in speaker and access to Amazon's smart voice assistant, Amazon Alexa, which can be used to inform users of the weather, sports scores, to order goods, play music and more. The Dot offers many of the same features as the far more expensive standard Echo, though with a lower-quality speaker.

Amazon did not reveal exactly how many Echo Dot units were sold.

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