18 ways successful people think differently

Italian climber Lucas Iribarren climbs a project route on limestone during a climbing trip to Mallorca, Spain.
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Italian climber Lucas Iribarren climbs a project route on limestone during a climbing trip to Mallorca, Spain.

Successful people see the world differently than everyone else. They aren't perfect. And they don't get an easier version of life than you do.

But they always seem to bounce forward.

No matter what obstacles push them down. No matter what problems stand in their way. No matter how loud the skeptics doubt or the critics sneer.

They find a way to win.

How? They believe a few very important things that make the difference in their battle for success. To them, these beliefs aren't just motivational quotes they read one time in a book.

What successful people believe has an impact on every part of their daily existence.

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Here are 18 things successful believe:

1. Nothing is impossible if you're willing to put in enough time and effort.

2. Anything you make excuses to avoid doing is something you should be doing.

3. The most honest advice you'll ever get is from people who like you the least.

4. The person who wants it the most is the one who ends up winning.

5. Whatever it takes is usually what it takes to get what you want in life.

6. Being around negative people is the single greatest way to keep on losing.

7. Worry, fear, action, and gratitude are all choices you get to make.

8. If you aren't willing to master the details, you aren't likely to win.

9. Apathy is the enemy of achieving something awesome.

10. Just because it didn't work out the last time you tried isn't a good reason to stop trying.

11. No matter how bad your situation might be, you can make it if you want to.

12. No one gets to decide anything for you. Every decision is completely yours to make.

13. Today is that second chance you have been asking for. Use it.

14. The speed of your progress is directly related to the intensity of your effort.

15. You won't get better if you're not willing to listen and learn.

16. The things you do when no one else is watching determine your ultimate trajectory.

17. Just because the critics are loud doesn't mean that they are right.

18. Any solution that is fast, easy, or guaranteed isn't likely to work out in the long run.

Winners believe in their soul that nothing — absolutely nothing — is impossible.

They might not know "how" they will win. But they believe that they will figure it out. They know that effort is the great equalizer. If they don't already know what to do, they will learn it. And perfect it.

What you believe will change your life.

That's why it's time to stop and think about what truly drives you. What do you believe?

Do you believe that life is unfair? Do you believe that things are harder for you than everyone else? Are you waiting for a lucky break? Are you always looking for someone else to blame?

Winners own it all. They own their actions. They own their attitude. They own their beliefs.

They don't see limits. They believe in opportunity. How about you?

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