It's not too late to buy Netflix even if you missed this big stock surge, history shows

Key Points
  • Shares of the streaming service opened almost 10 percent higher after the earnings beat.
  • After a big earnings-related pop at the open, the shares tend to still go higher into the close, Bespoke Investment Group found.
Reed Hastings, chief executive officer of Netflix
Joan Cros Garcia | Corbis | Getty Images

Netflix shares surged by nearly 10 percent at the open of trading after posting much better-than-expected subscriber numbers Monday evening. But don't worry if you missed this move, it's not too late to get in on the party, history shows.

Since 2002, of the 17 times earnings pushed shares of Netflix up by 10 percent or more at the open of trading the next day, the stock continued higher from the open to close in 14 of those instances, Bespoke Investment Group tweeted on Tuesday.

@Bespokeinvest tweet.

One reason for the rally as trading continues throughout the day may be the bull calls from Wall Street that come flowing in. For example, making the case for a 70 percent further surge in the price to $300.