People in counties that backed Trump aren't fans of president's tweeting, poll finds

Key Points
  • Voters in "Trump counties" still support the president on key issues like jobs and foreign policy.
  • But they're not as happy with the president's tweets.
  • They also disagree with his refusing to release his tax returns and his dealing with Russia and its efforts to meddle in the 2016 election.
A billboard of Donald Trump in the backyard of George Davey's home on January 31, 2016 in West Des Moines, Iowa.
Charles Ommanney | The Washington Post | Getty Images

Counties that voted for Donald Trump may support the president's policies, but those voters are less enthusiastic about the way he uses Twitter, according to a NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll.

People living in counties that helped elect Trump largely supported him on key issues like keeping jobs in America, dealing with North Korea and his response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria — 75 percent, 68 percent and 66 percent, respectively.

But 62 percent of respondents said they oppose how Trump uses Twitter to express exactly what he is thinking. Only 24 percent supported the habit.

People in "Trump counties" also didn't support his refusal to release tax returns or his response to election interference by Russia.

The poll, conducted between July 8 and 12, surveyed 600 people who lived in counties that supported Trump in the election. The poll had a margin error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

See the full results at NBC News.