Today's 'super savers' say 2 goals are more important than retirement

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The best savers aren't just focusing on funding their golden years.

In a new survey, financial investment management company Principal asked today's "super savers" about the two most important goals they're working towards.

While saving for retirement is a priority — after all, Principal defines "super savers" as those who contributed at least 90 percent of the IRS maximum for the year into their employer-sponsored retirement plan — two goals trumped retirement in terms of importance: Having financial security and raising a family.

Check out Principal's findings in the chart below, which is broken out by generation. The blue bar represents Gen X "super savers," the orange bar represents Gen Y "super savers" and the purple bar represents "super savers" overall.

When asked, "Of the goals you are working on, what two are most important?" 58 percent of respondents selected financial security and 46 percent said raising a family, while 25 percent selected saving for retirement.

The next most popular choices were healthy living (17 percent) and being physically fit (13 percent).

Of course, part of being financially secure is having retirement savings, but it encompasses more than preparing for your golden years. Bankrate's "Financial Security Index" factors in job security, comfort levels with savings and debt, net worth and overall financial situation. As of June 2017, the index itself has reached an all-time high at 106.7 out of 108.