Southern ITS International, Inc. (DBA Evolution Enterprises, Inc.) announces that Evolution Enterprises LLC has exceeded its revenue objectives for 2017 Q2 by 40%

Las Vegas, July 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Southern ITS International, Inc. (DBA Evolution Enterprises, Inc.) announces that Evolution Enterprises LLC has exceeded its revenue objectives for 2017 Q2 by 40%

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LAS VEGAS, NV--(GlobeNewswire – July 19, 2017) – Evolution Enterprises, Inc. (“SITS”) (OTC PINKSHEETS: SITS) announced today that the Company acquired in a recent reverse merger with SITS, Evolution Enterprises LLC (June 30, 2017), has exceeded its Q2 2017 gross revenue projections by 40%.

  • Evolution Enterprises LLC posted monthly gross revenue during Q2 2017 of $1.4m (April), $1.3m (May), and $1.5m (June).
  • The Company posted actual combined gross revenue of $7.2m for Q1/Q2 2017 exceeding semi-annual projection $6.0M by 21.6%.
  • Company Q2 2017 projections of $3.0m gross revenue were exceeded by 40% with actual gross revenue posted at $4.2m.
  • Q2 2017 actual gross revenue of $4.2m compared against Q1 2017 levels at $3.0m indicates a $1.3m surge in actual gross revenue quarter to quarter.
  • Q1/Q2 combined actual gross revenue of special importance in light of the Company’s projected total annual gross revenue for the fiscal year was $12.0M. With nearly two full operating quarters left, the Company is tracking toward exceeding its projections.

David McCovy, Chairman and founder of Evolution, stated “We are exceptionally proud of our entire membership team as they have driven our revenue beyond stated targets, surpassing those targets by over 40% quarter on quarter during this first-half of a very successful fiscal year. We have exceeded gross revenues, number of members added and net profits for the first half of 2017. Our new objective for the Evolution Travel division is to finish 2017 with $15 million in gross revenue, which will be our second full year of operations. We are now a recognized force in the 8.3 trillion global travel industry and we achieved it in a record time.”

Please note that Gross revenue figures are unaudited. Such figures do not reflect any certification or final adjustments which may occur before public fillings. Gross revenue figures reported are not included in any historical results for the quarter ended June 30, 2017 as filed with the OTC Markets.

About Evolution Enterprises, Inc.

Evolution Enterprises, Inc. owns and controls a portfolio of highly successful businesses that focus on the direct sales network. With its experienced management team in the direct sales industry, EVOE reaches the US and international markets. EVOE and its flagship business, Evolution Travel, created a complete travel web portal with connectivity to the top travel industry providers, allowing its members to become virtual travel agents and maximize the benefits to each of its members. Evolution Travel uses all of the social media tools to reach and promote its unique partners reward program that exceeds industry norms.

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