Jeff Bezos' debut Instagram post shows him sitting on the roof of his new rocket factory

Key Points
  • Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos just published his first Instagram post.
  • It shows Bezos sitting on the roof of a new rocket factory.
  • Bezos is building new rockets for his other company, Blue Origin.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos published his first Instagram post on Thursday.

In it, Bezos sits on the roof of a new factory he's building. A drone flies in from above and stops just in front of Bezos, sitting on a chair with sunglasses and holding a sign.

Jeff Bezos | Instagram

The sign reads: "Rocket factory coming soon." Bezos added the following to the caption of his first Instagram post: "Manufacturing facility for the heavy-lift New Glenn launch vehicle is coming along nicely. #BlueOrigin#ReusableRockets #LaunchLandRepeat#GradatimFerociter."'

Check out the Instagram post here

Blue Origin is Jeff Bezos' private spaceflight services company, which is currently testing rockets that it hopes will one day help usher humans into space.

The factory Bezos is sitting on is located in Florida and "New Glenn" is in reference to the launcher, or the rocket that Bezos is building.

If all goes to plan, Blue Origin's New Glenn launch vehicle will be completely reusable, allowing it to send travelers or payloads into space and then return to earth again, ready for reuse.

Oh, and get a load of this avatar Bezos used for Instagram:

Jeff Bezos | Instagram
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