South American Gold Acquires ASK A.B.E. to be Part of New Spin-Off

Las Vegas, NV, July 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- South American Gold Corp (OTC: SAGD), is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of the subscription based automotive buyer’s education program “ASK A.B.E.”. ASK A.B.E. will be part of the companies to be spun off by SAGD whereby each SAGD shareholder will also receive shares in the new spin off.

ASK A.B.E. is a subscription based automotive buyer’ education program to educate consumers on consumer rights, legal terms, Federal and State laws, financing rights, and optional automotive products. ASK A.B.E. was developed on the basis that the automotive dealers spend thousands of dollars per year on the training of its staff to create the highest gross profits on its sales while attempting to stay State and Federally compliant. ASK A.B.E. is set to be the mirror image of these dealership training programs. ASK A.B.E. shall provide consumers with this same training via web modules to better educate them on the real rights and laws of automotive consumer purchases.

Ask A.B.E., will launch into the market as a subscription based automotive educational program marketed via both web and television infomercials, while growing from just a consumer application to a complete consumer and dealer portal. The goal of the project is to create an authorized dealer network, allowing consumers to receive ongoing discounts at authorized dealers within their area, once the education course is completed. Ask A.B.E’s authorized dealer network will generate revenue through referrals, advertising, and data base marketing for automotive dealers, credit monitoring companies, and finance companies; in specified geographical marketing areas.

The automotive market is nothing new to the company’s management team, especially to the President of the Company, David Reeves. Mr. Reeves career is full of successful positions within the automotive industry, and it is the plan of the company to utilize his connections to start the ground work for the authorized dealer network. Mr. Reeves, connections both personally and professionally, include some of the largest automotive dealers and management at the factory level.

The creator of ASK A.B.E., Jay Matthews, has an extensive automotive career, consisting of Retail Management experience and as a consultant for Retail Development at the factory level. Mr. Matthews connects will assist in the growth and value of the dealer network.

This acquisition also includes the web domain,, to launch this product and to provide a one-stop educational web portal for consumers to utilize prior to their next automotive purchase. The company has assembled a team of automotive professional to provide growth of ASK A.B.E. and Phase 1 of is live and the fully interactive automotive site is in development for launch.

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