Hilton Garden Inn launches a brand refresh

Nancy Trejos
Hilton Garden Inn launches brand refresh.
Source: Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn, one of Hilton's most popular upscale brands, is undergoing a refresh.

The changes will focus on four key areas: food and beverage, design, employee training, and marketing.

"We really studied what guests want, what our owners are telling us and what our operators and team members are telling us about what they're hearing about tin the properties," says John Greenleaf, global head of Hilton Garden Inn.

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Enhancements in food and beverage will include an open-display kitchen for cooked-to-order dishes and healthier and organic menu items. The new menu will include handcrafted cocktails and locally-sourced wines and craft beers, small plates, dinner entrees, and shareable desserts. Room service will remain an option, and guests will be able to take advantage of an in-room Keurig coffeemaker.

Guests will also have the option of ordering items from The Shop, a 24-hour, grab-and-go retail space offering such items as fresh salads and sandwiches, craft beers, and a self-serve coffee bar.

Hilton Garden Inn launches brand refresh.
Source: Hilton Garden Inn

As for design, the company has come up with six new customizable hotel prototype options, one for each region of the world where the brand operates.

The prototypes feature more natural light and modular, pod-style check-in areas. Meeting spaces will have multi-functional features to accommodate impromptu meetings or even cocktail parties.

Guests "like to have a choice and this is driving a lot of our design offerings," Greenleaf says.

Employees will receive new training. Hotels will also establish advisory groups and internal social networks for employees to share ideas.

In addition, the brand will launch a multi-million dollar global marketing campaign featuring actress Judy Greer.

Hilton Garden Inn has more than 720 hotels worldwide, with another 300 in the pipeline.