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Investors should 'stay the course' to avoid summer swoon, Albion advisor says

Key Points
  • Jason Ware, CIO of Albion Financial, said Tuesday on "Power Lunch" he recommends clients "stay the course" to avoid the summer swoon in August and September.
  • "You need to ignore the noise," he said.
People are conservative from 'hangover of 2008': Richard Bernstein Advisors CEO

While August and September are historically weak for the market, at least one executive says he isn't worried.

Jason Ware, CIO of Albion Financial, said Tuesday on CNBC's "Power Lunch " he tells clients to "stay the course" and "you need to ignore the noise" about a potential weak period for the markets that historically comes in August and September.

"The reality is with that knowledge there is very little actionable information," he said.

Ware also warned against trying to "time" the market, saying instead benefits come from staying in.

"Over time, it's time in the market, not timing the market that's going to make the most impact on the average person's returns," he said.

Richard Bernstein, of Richard Bernstein Advisors, said the next thing investors should worry about is central banks tightening policy too much, but added, "That's kind of a silly thing to worry about right now."