Here's how much education you need to work at companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon

If you want a job at one of the world's most sought-after tech employers like Facebook, Google and Amazon, you better hit the books.

Data analysis site Paysa looked at over 8,200 job posting and over 70,000 resumes at tech "titans" (companies worth at least $100 billion with an IPO more than 10 years ago) and "tech disruptors" (companies worth at least $10 billion with an IPO within the last 10 years) to determine how long you need to stay in school in order to snag one of their coveted jobs.

Of these major tech companies, Paysa found that Snap Inc. employees are the most likely to have a master's degree — over 36 percent of jobs at the social media company require one. (For perspective, just 9.3 percent of Americans over the age of 25 have a masters degree.)

Even though Snap Inc. is the most likely to require a master's degree, they employ people with significantly less work experience than other tech companies. Paysa's research found that Airbnb, Twitter and Uber employees were most likely to have six to 10 years of experience, but Snap Inc. employees were most likely to have less than two years of experience.

Check out the infographic below to see what level of education you'll need to complete to have the best shot at working for one of these tech companies: