Multimillion-dollar wheels: 5 of the rarest and most expensive cars ever sold

This $52M Ferrari GTO is a car only a multimillionaire can afford

Whether for racing, collecting or just showing them off, the ultra-rich love their fancy cars. And the bigger the price tag, the more impressive the vehicle.

CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" features some of the most expensive — and exclusive — cars to hit the market, from rare Ferraris to a car personally gifted to the Pope.

Here are five highlights from the show's fifth season.

A secondhand LaFerrari

Since the debut of the special edition LaFerrari in 2013, car collectors far and wide have clamored to own one. But the $1.4 million price tag isn't the greatest barrier to entry: potential buyers have to apply to buy the sports car. Though the luxury auto manufacturer received over a thousand applications for the exclusive model, it produced only 499.

However, one collector got lucky when he snagged billionaire casino magnate Steve Wynn's LaFerrari for $3 million — more than double the original price.

Secret Lives of the Super Rich | CNBC

The Popemobile

With only 400 ever made, the Ferrari Enzo is one of the scarcest models out there.

Number 400, the last one ever produced, once sold for $6 million at auction. That's partially because the car was originally built for Pope John Paul II in 2005 as a gift. There's even a handwritten note from the chairman of Ferrari under the hood. Though the Catholic Church leader never drove it, he did bless the car before the Vatican put it up for sale — with all proceeds donated to charity, of course.

Secret Lives of the Super Rich | CNBC

A record-breaking Porsche

This 1982 Porsche 956 sold for $10 million at auction, making it the most expensive Porsche ever. It features 630 horsepower and can travel up to 250 miles per hour, helping it break a world speed record.

But owning the car doesn't just signal wealth — it also creates status. Just by virtue of owning the legendary racing machine, the owner is invited to vintage racing events, shows and parties around the world.

Secret Lives of the Super Rich | CNBC

The rarest McLaren of them all

Collectors worldwide covet the McLaren F1, partly due to its limited nature — only 106 were ever made. The newly minted cars cost close to $1 million in the '90s, but they've only gone up in value since. Due to the car's scarcity, when an F1 came up at auction in 2015, it sold for $13.75 million.

Secret Lives of the Super Rich | CNBC

The most expensive car ever sold

This vintage Ferrari 250 GTO built in 1963 is one of only 39 ever made. Created specifically to impress collectors, one once went for $52 million, making it the most expensive car ever sold.

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