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Martin Shkreli gets smacked down on Twitter (again) after another lewd comment about reporter

Key Points
  • Martin Shkreli made his latest rude remark on Facebook.
  • He had been kicked off Twitter three times.
  • Shkreli committed the social-media faux pas after his fraud trial in federal court recessed for the evening.
Martin Shkreli
Justin Solomon | CNBC

That Martin Shkreli is still a real online charmer — even while facing a possible prison sentence.

Shkreli, who is on trial for securities fraud, boasted Thursday night on Facebook that if he gets acquitted he will get to have sex with a female journalist — the same woman whose earlier harassment by the "pharma bro" got him banned from Twitter.

In turn, the reporter, Lauren Duca, fired back at Shkreli on Twitter, and vowed to do something very, very unpleasant to him if he tried to follow through on his prediction.

"I would (still) rather eat my own organs," Duca wrote, after being notified by a New York Post reporter about Shkreli's lewd boast.

"So much as touch me, and I'll gladly chop off one of yours."

Shkreli, 34, was suspended from Twitter in early January after he tweeted at Duca that he had an extra ticket to the presidential inauguration festivities of Donald Trump and suggested that Duca be his date.

Duca declined, forcefully.


Shkreli, apparently not happy with her rejection, then superimposed pictures of himself into photos of Duca and her boyfriend, making it appear as if Shkreli was her beau.

Duca then asked Twitter executives online why that was allowed on the social media platform.


Twitter suspended Shkreli's account in reaction to Duca's complaints.

He was later permanently banned, and then booted twice more after he set up accounts that were not in his own name.

But Shkreli has managed to communicate with his online followers via Facebook, where he continues to write posts and to stream himself in video from his apartment in Manhattan on some nights.

During the day, however, he has been on trial in Brooklyn, New York, federal court, where he is accused of defrauding a group of hedge-fund investors and then ripping off the drug company he had founded in order to pay those investors back.

His latest targeting of Duca came shortly after court recessed for Thursday night, after a day of closing arguments by a prosecutor and Shkreli's defense lawyer.

Despite eagerly running his mouth online, Shkreli has kept his mouth shut at his trial. Earlier this month, he agreed to an effective gag order by the trial judge after he ranted to reporters about the prosecutors in the case.

And he declined to testify at the trial.

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