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Cramer's advice for investors who weathered the stock market sell-off

Key Points
  • "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer shares his top tips for investors after the three-day market pullback.
  • Not only should investors start selling into strength, but they should consider buying some stocks "on sale," Cramer says.
Cramer: For investors who weathered the market sell-off

The three-day sell-off that started last Thursday came and went, and Jim Cramer had some post-pullback advice to share with investors who made it through the pain.

"You've now been, once again, put through the mill that causes so many people to bail from good stocks. I've gottwo pieces of advice," the "Mad Money" host said. "First, if those last three days made you feel like you've just been through an industrial-strength Whirlpool washing machine, now that we've rallied, sell. Start selling tomorrow. Raise some cash if you want to."

Selling into strength will give investors security in the form of cash ahead of whatever might cause the next market-wide pullback, whether it be congressional gridlock or the threat of North Korea, Cramer said.

His second piece of advice came in a list of stocks for the more bullish investors out there who may have missed the market's three-day "sale."

"I have 10 stocks that either got hammered or should've been up much more but weren't because of the turmoil we just went through," Cramer said. "These are battle-tested. They just reported. You can't beat that."

1. Constellation Brands

A strong earnings report from the international alcohol producer was clouded by reports of competition in the beer space, but Cramer did not buy the chatter.

"Give me a break," he said. "Constellation's got real taste in beer. I'm talking about Modelo, Corona [and] Pacifico. It's killing it."

2. FedEx

Federal Express also reported a good quarter, but the stock still dropped, likely due to investors getting cold feet about the stock's upward run ahead of its report.

"But these guys are the kings of e-commerce," Cramer said. "OK, there was some hacking story that got a lot of people confused at the same time. Opportunity."

3. Intel

Also issuing a strong earnings report while raising guidance and closing its deal with Mobileye, Intel's stock should also be higher, Cramer argued.

"The risk-reward here for Intel is pretty darned sweet, and the price-to-earnings multiple should be higher given the company's internet of things — not personal computer — orientation, even as it's simply incredible how much money Intel's still making on a market that declines very fast," he said.

4. 3M

3M's stock may have endured a decline after the manufacturer reported earnings, but Cramer said the company is not performing nearly as badly as its shares suggest.

"I think you're being given a gift here with this pullback. I'll go a step further: CEO Inge Thulin delivered another really solid quarter but the stock had run as if everyone thought it would be a blowout. That's not the 3M way. This stock remains a terrific core holding for your portfolio," Cramer said.

5. Oracle

Calling Oracle's recent quarterly report "the best in years," Cramer argued that its stock price was still too low.

6. Stanley Black & Decker

The toolmaker reported earnings in the throes of yet another market worry-fest about Amazon's domination, so Cramer said Stanley Black & Decker's decline was a buying opportunity.

7. Texas Instruments

After listening to the company's post-earnings conference call, Cramer dubbed Texas Instruments a key play on the internet of things, auto parts and semiconductors.

"There's absolutely no hair on this company — it's kind of like me — and it generates cash, uses what it needs to stay on top and then returns it in the form of aggressive buybacks and dividends," Cramer said. "Texas Instruments used to be boom-bust. Now it's just boom."

8. T-Mobile

Cramer maintained that the best earnings report in the telecommunications space was T-Mobile's, as phone and cable companies forge their way back into Wall Street's consciousness.

9. Visa

Cramer likes the pace of this credit card giant, which also issued a strong earnings report and, in the "Mad Money" host's eyes, "is so clearly on the game."

"[CEO Al Kelly is] client-centric, tireless and an all-around ambassador for the empire that is [Visa]. Loads of cash, too," Cramer said. "I like that pace."

10. Verizon

On the brink of a turn for the better according to its latest earnings report, Verizon impressed Cramer in the second quarter by curbing its customer losses and boosting subscribers.

"[The] stock's down 8 percent for the year. Interest rates don't look like they're going up anytime soon. This makes it a terrific bond market alternative with upside," Cramer said.

Final Thoughts

Cramer said his cardinal rule for investing around a sell-off stands for these 10 hidden winners: your first buy may not be your last.

"But the bottom line is the opportunity's still knocking with these stocks, even as so many others are right back to where they started after the churn down that was supposed to shake you out," the "Mad Money" host said. "But hopefully [it] didn't and you didn't panic, because the panic simply keeps you from making money."

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Cramer's advice for investors who weathered the stock market sell-off

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