Success Entertainment Group International Inc. Board of Directors decided to acquire the wholly owned subsidiary "The E-Commerce Online Shopping Platform" to enter Asia Pacific Market

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Aug. 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Success Entertainment Group International Inc.’s (Other OTC:SEGN) Board of Directors has agreed to a resolution as of June 2017 to acquire the wholly-owned subsidiary in Taipei “The E-Commerce Online Shopping Platform” and decided the subsidiary is responsible to the “The E-Commerce Business Platform” in Asia Pacific market.

SEGN is a global marketing “Membership Big Data Group” corporation, and has been exclusively authorized to manage Steve Chen’s Global Fans Big Data Website, created by Mr. Steve Andrew Chen, who is recognized as one of Asia's most popular and successful inspirational speakers.

SEGN will import the membership databases, which have accumulated over the years to create income revenue through The Global E-Commerce Platform. The acquisition of two e-commerce business platforms in Taipei is expected to expand SEGN’s 2017 e-commerce income revenue.

SEGN’s influence in business has advanced to currently include the global business activities of most of the active Asian and Chinese population of 1.4 billion people. In the global e-commerce consumer market, SEGN hopes to generate revenue and commercial value through a sustainable yet rapid growth of global fans' sharing the economic business model.

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