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The iPhone will become 'even more essential' with augmented reality, says Tim Cook

Key Points
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook says augmented reality will make the iPhone even more essential
  • ARKit will enable a whole array of new augmented reality apps
  • Millions of existing iPhones will support the new technology

Speaking with CNBC after on Tuesday, CEO Tim Cook said that augmented reality is going to make smartphones even more important to users.

This is the most important thing for Apple right now

"The smart phone is becoming even more important to people because it's going across so much of your life and you can tell by some of the things we did at WWDC that that will only continue," Cook told CNBC's Josh Lipton. "And with things like AR… I think it becomes even more essential than it currently is. I know it's hard to believe, but I think that's the case."

Apple introduced , which allows developers to create augmented reality apps, at its WWDC developers' conference in June. Millions of iPhones already on the market will be able to take advantage of the new apps, which will allow users to peer through their iPhones into a world overlaid with new information and objects.

Imagine, for example, seeing a restaurant's menu while standing outside on the street, or overlaying dinosaurs in the living room for your kids to interact with.

Apple's new iPhones, expected this fall, are expected to take extra advantage of augmented reality with new and faster processors. Here's what Cook had to say when asked if he could comment on whether :

"No." (Laughs extremely hard.)